In 2019 I found a need to create a totally natural and skin-friendly soap. I’d been purchasing soap from various businesses and discovered that the addition of essential oils was causing an issue with fragrance allergies within our family. A purchase of a set of essential oils proved the point, something was affecting the quality of many of the essential oils being produced. I needed to create a safe option.

My first soaps were a herb based coconut oil and shea butter mix which I found to be very nurturing for the skin, using products which were all food grade, the final soap was beautiful. I experimented with a number of different herbs and wetland plants as well as some of the native plants and spices. The launch of soaps in late 2020 was exciting after a year or so of experimentation and gifting to friends to try.

During 2021 there was an opportunity to obtain fresh tallow from a neighbouring farm, so I set to work learning all about tallow soaps. The first batch was fantastic, so my soapery was now able to offer tallow soap as well as the plant based soaps I started with.

I make soap in the slow season, when the campground is quiet and life is not too busy! I work from a natural apothecary, the outdoor natural environment, so when I get an inspiration to create a particular soap, the soapery springs into creative mode and new types of soap appear.

I’m in the process of setting up an online store during 2023, but in the meantime, please feel welcome to email me for information on the soaps available at any time.