Gentling Way

The body remembers everything that has ever happened to it…

The Gentling Way Multi Modality Transformational Healing has been passed on to me by Heather Bruce, who has played a huge role in mentoring my hands on healing skills over recent years, particularly the two years prior to the pandemic, and then during the pandemic, many mentorings via Zoom.

Gentle Selfing: A four part workshop either in person or via Zoom combined with a package of Online Learning provided by Heather Bruce, and then enhanced by follow up sessions with me, either in person or via Zoom, and sometimes individually or alternatively in a group/pod depending on numbers and the world situation at the time.

For information on Gentle Selfing Trainings please check my calendar of events and also Heathers Gentle Selfing Information – there are online workshops available on a regular basis with different teachers.

Gentling Way Multi Modality Transformational Healing Sessions: during a two to three hour session you will experience a range of modalities and experiences, taking you from where you are now, through a process of unblocking and clearing flows within the body. Starting with a session on the Steaming Stool, allowing the herbal infused steam to begin to support the letting go of tensions in ligaments, particularly in the pelvic area, but extending through the body. We then move to the massage table to use a variety of hands-on healing techniques depending on the needs of the body. Expect a questionnaire as we start to unpackage how your body got to the place it currently is, and then a variety of techniques as we address the specific needs of your body at this time. Every session will vary as it will be totally based on the needs of your body at the time. The intention is to create a pathway to healing the body and the process is one of discovery.

Gentling is suited to everyone, no matter the gender status.