Arvigo Therapy

The first opportunity to really look into abdominal therapy came to me in 2015 in the form of Arvigo Self Care. I had been looking at this therapy following an introduction by Andrea Lopez some years earlier, and was keen to discover what I could about the Traditional Techniques of the Mayan Tradition from Belize.

This work was originally passed from a Mayan Healer, Don Elijo Paanti to Rosita Arvigo, a Naprapathic Doctor who was based in Belize. Rosita Arvigo, along with Miss Beatrice and Miss Hortense, brought together a series of techniques which have been able to change the lives of many. The key to this work has been the use of traditional practices including herbs, steam, hands on healing work, massage and in particular, the support of the uterus and uterine ligaments to encourage better functioning of the body.

This work was formalised into an institution and has changed hands but is now held by Samar Ciprian with a base in New Zealand, from where the Institute itself is now based, but with Self Care Teachers and Advanced Practitioner Teachers around the globe.

In addition to the Practitioner Training, there is also Spiritual Healing Training, in which nine spiritual sicknesses are recognised and treated using Spiritual Baths and other Traditional practices.

I attended Spiritual Healing in November 2021 and Deepening Spiritual Healing in April 2022, and am appreciating the depth that this learning adds to my hands on healing practice and my understanding of trauma, emotion and all other versions of stuck energy.

I am happy to be able to offer Spiritual Healings to my clients, both in person and online. I particularly enjoy being able to travel out into beautiful natural locations to be able to practice this particular form of traditional healing.