About Innerji

Innerji Sound and Massage opened early in November in 2009 in a beachside suburb of Hobart where I was residing whilst my children attended High School. Home was Bruny Island, a beautiful island paradise about an hours drive south of Hobart in Tasmania.

I trained as a Primary School Teacher with a focus on the Outdoors and had been leading a fairly active outdoor life travelling and then managing the outdoor activities at Cradle Mountain Lodge, in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. Teaching, for me, was always best in an outdoor environment, preferably engaged in outdoor pursuits such as bushwalking, canoeing, rock climbing or adventuring of some kind.

With a beautiful bushland home on Bruny Island, and as a full time parent and Aunt, I found myself transitioning from ‘sometimes teacher’ in schools to desiring a more heart and soul centred occupation. I inadvertently discovered Crystal Singing Bowls late in 2004 and by mid 2005 had a set of 8 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and was studying Crystal Sound Therapy with Susie Nelson Smith from Sydney. I added in Reiki sometime in 2005 and was really enjoying the experiences along the way. I have a hearing impairment, profound nerve deafness, which at that point was starting to affect communication, and I decided to follow a suggestion that playing singing bowls may support my hearing. I found all sorts of positives along the way, including the curing of tinnitis which I had lived with for years.

I had been gifted a two hour Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage by an incredible therapist friend in New South Wales in 2006 and decided that this experience was so amazing that I wanted to be able to weave such magic with my own hands. I headed off to Rainbows Reach Retreat in October 2006 to learn Heartworks Lomi Lomi with Nemara Hennigan and Andrea Lopez. The experience was incredible, I came home feeling ten years younger and was ready to both start sharing this amazing bodywork, and to to back for Level Two. I also went back annually to attend a gathering of Therapists, including those who also knew Kahuna Massage. I loved the flow that they used in their massages and decided that in time I would love to also learn Kahuna Massage. This dream sat until December 2012, however I found a local Kahuna Massage Therapist in Hobart and had regular Kahuna Massages myself in between 2006 and 2009 when I moved.

I moved from Tasmania to the Grampians in Victoria late in 2009 and from this base have been further expanding my skills and adding to the experiences I can offer. The journey with my own body, healing and solving health related problems has continued to inspire me. I will add more to this text as my new website continues to grow, and eventually will have my whole ‘journey to healing’ written up into a book.