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Arvigo® Mayan Abdominal Techniques

As a result of personal curiosity and healing my own body, I attended a Self Care Course in Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapies in November 2015.  The techniques are so gentle and nurturing but very powerful in effect, and made total sense to me. With the Self Care Practice proving so valuable, I decided to continue to learn more and to extend my skills to a practitioner level so that I was qualified to share these amazing techniques with others.

In August 2016 I completed Practitioner Training in NSW with Hilary Lewin from the UK, and now am a registered practitioner with ATMAT, the Association for Arvigo® Therapies.

Founded by Rosita Arvigo D.N.  in Belize following years of training with Don Elijo Panti, this practice has assisted many individuals with healing where western medicine has not been able to provide solutions.  This form of traditional healing has been often talked about as 'the last resort you try after everything else has left you feeling dissolutioned'...Incredibly good for reproductive issues, both for women and men, also for a range of other issues. If you are interested, 

I fully recommend reading more about Arvigo Therapy on the Arvigo Website - https://arvigotherapy.com/content/definition-and-history

Abdominal Massage - Gentling Way Techniques from Heather Bruce

Heather Bruce has been teaching her Gentling Way Techniques for some years, this leads into Multi-Modality Transformational Bodywork.  It encompasses a wide range of traditional techniques drawn from a lifetime of discovering what works, and these techniques allow for gentle but deep healing of adhesions, support for scar tissue, support for pelvic ligaments and both assist in the preparation for pregnancy and healing after childbirth.  Initially Vanessa discovered these techniques as part of a personal healing journey, but now applies this work as part of the scope at Innerji because the results have been amazing.


Steaming is an ancient practice used for cleansing and detoxification, known as Bajos in south america, and a range of names across the globe.  Steaming works well for men - perineal steaming and for women - vaginal steaming, both are using steam from water infused with herbs and other plants which is placed underneath the steaming chair.  Allow 20 minutes of relaxation seated above the steam source for the effects to be noticed.  It can be incredibly worthwhile to incorporate a 20 minute steaming session either before or after your massage treatment as this is particularly nurturing for the body.  You can select music or a meditaiton to listen to whilst steaming, or you can choose to read or meditate quietly.  Please note that the therapist will be nearby whilst you are undergoing this treatment but you will be given space to meditate without interruption. If you would like to know more, there is an online course in steaming https://heatherbrucehealing.com/self-help-courses/

Regular steaming is of benefit to everyone.  Please note that steaming is not recommended during menstruation. 

Gentling Way Selfing Techniques from Heather Bruce

Selfing is the Gentling Way of Self Care.  This method has been created by Heather Bruce following 40 years of experience working with human bodies in a multitude of different modalities.  Heather has shared with the practitioners who teach her work, giving us the benefit of years of experiential learning and using Ancient techniques from a range of cultures and traditions, combined to give us that which works.  The practices are able to be used daily to care for and support the body, to get that which should be flowing, flowing, and support wellbeing.  Heather has produced an online course 'Selfing' which combines with a weekend workshop taught by one of the Gentling Way Practitioner/Teachers (in our case Vanessa). 

Remedial Massage

Vanessa graduated with a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Island Health College, Tasmania in mid-2009 after initially commencing studies purely to study anatomy and physiology to support Hawaiian Massage.  The call for learning more led on to gaining a Certificate IV in Massage and then soon after,  the Diploma of Remedial Massage.  Practice was gained in the student-run clinic, Stepping Stones in North Hobart, during 2008 and 2009 prior to commencing business as Innerji Sound and Massage.  Innerji was first established at Kingston Beach in Tasmania, and some treatments were also conducted on Bruny Island, where Vanessa has both property and family.

Vanessa uses techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique (MET), Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Sports Massage Techniques amongst a host of other techniques, to aid the relief of pain, muscular tension and to assist each client on an individual basis.  


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation  Massage incorporates flowing strokes, with the purpose of relaxing the body, enhancing circulation and promoting wellness.  Vanessa combines a variety Swedish Massage Techniques, together other techniques to promote deep relaxation and encourage a sense of wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.  An ambient atmosphere, gentle music and will give you time far removed from the stresses of modern life.  You are welcome to request aromatherapy oils (please let us know when you book) for a small additional charge.  Candle light, peace and tranquility abound as the calming massage strokes gradually ease any stresses from your body.  Relaxation massages can be from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your choice.

Pregnancy Massage and Baby Massage

Gentle techniques to suit the needs of the body in pregnancy  and Baby Massage sessions involve the parents in the giving of the massage, with gentle, supportive instruction from the therapist during the session.  Once you feel confident with the techniques, you can massage at home, the benefits of daily massage for babies and young children are countless.

Pregnancy Massage now includes Kahuna Pregnancy Massage, and also in the lead up to pregnancy the Arvigo Techniques can be incredibly valuable in toning up the body in preparation. In addidion we have the work of Heather Bruce coming through in 2020-2021 and her 'Ópening The Baby Gate', more will be added during 2021. 

Bodytalk Access and Bodytalk
...a fascinating process which allows us to address day to day health issues and stress related issues in a short process which can easily be fitted into a massage appointment or added to a session.  Although incredibly effective on its own, it can vastly increase the capacity of the body to absorb healing and retain the effects of treatment if used together with other therapies such as massage.
Body Talk uses state of the art energy medicine techniques to increase the efficiency of the functioning of the body, techniques specifically address Hydration (balance of fluid/water in the body), Body Chemistry (immune system imbalances), Cortices (balancing the effectiveness of the brain), Switching (stress effects) and  Reciprocals (coordinating physical links between muscles, body systems etc.)
Bodytalk Access also includes a 'fast aid' technique which is incredibly effective in emergencies. Bodytalk is often used in other sessions rather than stand alone.                                                                      

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy

Vanessa has studied with Hugh Milne of the Milne Institute, U.S.inVisionary Craniosacral Therapy although not practicing as an isolated therapy, aspects of this learning flow through to other therapies.  Please contact Vanessa for Details.

Energetic Resonance (Theta)
...a form of healing which works to dissolve deeply held blocks and opening the way for life changing transformations.  The technique is spiritually based and innovative, with no need for physical contact with the practitioner.  Energetic Resonance techniques involve connecting to the creator through achieving a state of theta resonance (slowing the brain waves through deep relaxation).  People practicing this form of healing are ultimately able to achieve life-changing transformations and become empowered with positive life energies.

Vanessa is a Level 5 Practitioner of Energetic Resonance at all Levels, and is constantly working with the energies of this modality.  Currently combining Theta work with the resonance of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls as well as other therapies for an amplified effect.

...a hands-on form of energetic healing which can be done in a variety of positions, and is adaptable to a range of circumstances (for example, reiki can be done in virtually any situation...at a desk, in an ambulance, in hospital, or on a massage table, bed, on a couch etc.)  The hands are placed on, or just over the body in a sequence, and the practitioner connects to channel reiki energy into the client.  Sessions can be any length depending on the needs of the client.  A full body reiki session would take 45minutes to an hour.
Reiki can also be used in an emergency to alleviate stress and minimise the effects of trauma.

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